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Forget Me Not Flowers
400 Euclid Ave Helena MT 59601 US
Freephone: (406) 442-1034
Telephone:  (406) 442-9380 
FAX:  (406) 442-9380 


**** Please be advised  ****

All Pictures are only examples - SIZE can be deceptive! Arrangements are made with flowers available in Helena, Montana!  Some things require

24-48 hours advance notice. Please keep that in mind when ordering.  

Did you know that Valentine's Day is on Monday this year!!!  The day AFTER the Super Bowl! When are we delivering your Valentine?


We are now offering 

Made in Montana products!


We are OPEN!

Please note that email is not a guarantee that we can accommodate ALL orders. We will do our best and contact you with options! 


NEVER put in any credit card info - we will call you for that as soon as we get your order!! 

*** NOTE ***

It is against the law for us to sell alcoholic items.

We CAN add alcoholic items ONLY if  YOU PURCHASE AND BRING us the product!! 

Please take a moment and wander through our pages.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but





so you will have to give us a call!!!

(406) 442-1034 or

(406) 442-9380 If you don't get a return call, please call

(740) 975-3557 (my cell phone!)





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   Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 4:30

   Saturday: 10:00 - 2:00

   Sunday: Closed